Creative since an early age, Kitsimi studied Visual Arts at University which resulted in the obtention of a Master Degree. The few years coming afterward were mainly focused on travels, discoveries and big life changes.

A major life event made sculpture appears as the only way to cope. As sad and emotionally devastating this tremendous lost impacted Kitsimi, it also  gave the artist a new breath. Adulthood made Kitsimi take some distances with artistic practices, losing one of the most important person in his/her life made him/her reconcile with art and even gave him/her a rebirth. From now on Sculpture and arts projects are a daily part of his/her life.

With a university degree in Fine Arts and personal attraction for Urban Arts, Kitsimi’s art is at the crossroads. Every piece is an experience of its own and materials, technics and aestheticism adapt and evolve depending on the piece. 

Kitsimi’s art is a reflection on his/her personal life such as adulthood, life choices, disenchanting, emotional and mental issues such as anxiety disorder and depression. Kitsimi’s art is also an observation of our fascinating and yet confusing contemporary society.