Born in 1982 in Nice, France.


Creative since an early age, she naturally decided to study Visual Arts and obtained a Master Degree at Paul Valery University Montpellier III.

In 2008, kitsimi and her now husband moved a first time in Guadeloupe, French West Indies for a year. After that first experience, they traveled a bit and made a 3 months road trip in Canada and USA before settled in for 2 years during 2010 and 2011 in the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada. In 2012, the couple moved to San Diego, California USA.


In 2014, Kitsimi lost her father. Her only parent. Sculpture appeared as a coping mechanism, a way to survive.

The first couples of sculptures were really personal, about the pain and suffering of grieving. Step by step, the character Damaged Goods made its first appearance.

I can still remember clearly the making process of the first real Damaged Goods. I was looking at my sculpture and something was desperately missing. I couldn’t quite figure it out until it popped my head and I knew that was it. I poke a hole in place of her heart and let the blood drop. It became real at the moment.





Damaged Goods is as personal and universal as it can be. Losing a love one, pain and suffering is unfortunately way too commun.

In 2016, the couple decided it was time to go back to the sweet island life in Guadeloupe.


In 2017, hurricanes Irma and Maria caused some severe damaged in the caribbean islands. A charity event was organized by Gallery Kreol West Indies owner, Vincent Nicaudie. Artists were invited to offer artworks to raise funds for hurricanes victims. Kitsimi participated and started her partnership with the gallery and since then regularly exhibits new artworks there.




In 2018, Kitsimi and her husband welcomed a son. She took some time off to enjoy being a full time mom.


In 2019, a rainbow starts to appeared in Kitsimi’s sculptures. Her art takes a new breath, with more colors and patterns. The artist’s iconic Damaged Goods character is still there but more alive than ever.



Kitsimi’s art questions the society and its functioning , we as Human beings, our destructives behaviors toward ourselves, others and our environment. The artist uses contemporary and urban aesthetics always associated with a touch of absurdity. Because what’s more absurd than human Beings and life itself ?