Damaged goods is recurring little doll in Kitsimi’s art.

It first started with a sketch by the the end of 2015. The drawing represents a half girl/ half doll damaged by life but fixed and standing.

In 2015, Kitsimi sculpted this character, called Sadie. Few months later, in February 2016 the first Damaged Goods came to life.

I can still remember clearly the making process of the first real Damaged Goods. I was looking at my sculpture and something was desperately missing. I couldn’t quite figure it out until it popped my head and I knew that was it. I poked a hole in place of her heart and let the blood drop. It became real at the moment.

During the next 3 to 4 years Kitsimi essentially sculpted Damaged Goods in different situations, size and supports.

It was never really intentional to keep doing DG, it just feels right

Why Damaged Goods? Because we’re all damaged by life, some more than others. Because at that specific time of her life the artist felt like a Damaged Goods.


What’s about the blank face? at the time of its creation, the artist was going through mourning. One of the different stages of grief is depression. Grief is  violent, you are not really here, like an empty shell somewhere between a zombie and a robot and sometimes, because you saw or heard something you can feel the more violent pain you’re ever felt, like if you didn’t have your skin anymore or parts of your body where hanging outside. This is where Damaged Goods take place, the contrast between mute and in pain.


What’s that thing about food? The artist’s father taught her laugh is the best medicine even in shitty times, especially in those times. The food parts are playing the absurd role in Kitsimi sculptures. We all at one point or another use confort food, even if doesn’t change the situation it just feel for a moment like a snuggle. The junkier…the better donuts, candies you name it.

Food is sometimes used as an allegory. For example Like Bacon and egg, 2017, used the bacon and egg to approach death and life theme, the more you’ll love people the tougher it will be when you’ll lose them. But using bacon and egg it’s more fun isn’t …


What about the anonymity thing? When Kitsimi was invited to join the fundraiser for hurricanes Irma and Maria victims organized by Vincent Nicaudie at Kreol West Indies, she barely started to think about selling her art in a near future. But sometimes life gives the push you need. It didn’t feel right at that time, to show more than the sculptures. It was already extremely personal feelings, even in disguise but still there. The pain will never go away, but life changes. The artist’s life changed, she’s now the mom of a wonderful little boy and there is now less darkness and more colors. That’s part of the reasons her art is now more colorful and bigger and why she’s now ready to show her art and herself.